Websites by Stephen
After a free half hour consultation and assessment I can provide you with a realistic estimate for your site.  I offer a discount to artists. Give me a call (646) 245-4507 or write me an email at I created and also maintain all the sites you see below. In some cases I created the art, and in some cases I worked with existing art that the client provided. Click on a picture below to view sites! I specialize in promotional type websites for Actors, Writers, Directors, Fine Artists, Designers, Plays in Production, Theatre Companies, Not-For-Profits, Yoga Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants.
woodys order MMPAF
Ann Talman also hired me (besides her acting/writing site), to make
this cool site for her one woman show / documentary film, Woody's Order!
The Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation sponsors and organizes
beautiful concerts in a beautiful space, St. Barts.
Riding the Midnight Express with Billy Hayes Robert Steloff Trade Secrets Home
Billy Hayes is the real man who lived the 1978 movie, Midnight Express, about a young man who was put into a Turkish prison on drug charges.
He's now doing this one man show about his real life experiences.
Robert Steloff does beautiful interior design work.
He's located in Los Angeles, and we work on his site remotely.
Prema Yoga Institute   Dana Slamp Yoga
Prema Yoga Institute ("PYI") offers holistic yoga instruction to empower the healing process. PYI provides continuing education to medical professionals so that evidence-based yoga techniques may be used in the field at large.   I've known Dana Slamp a while as a writer and actor, but now she's a fantastic yoga teacher as well. She's been studying yoga for years.
Hlt Advocates for Older People
The Peccadillo Theater Company
Health Advocates for Older People is a not-for-profit with
great programs for seniors in New York.
The Peccadillo Theater Company sprecializes in reviving old American classics. They are the resident company of Theatre of St. Clements.
Life Power Wellness. Off Off Webseries
Life Power Wellness is a site about the groundbreaking
healthy spine work of Dr. Cliff Inkles.
My favorite webseries for obvious reasons!
Karen Moline writer Scott Baker actor
Karen Moline is a novelist, journalist, and ghost writer who has had many many things published. Check out all the cool celebrity interviews she's done. Scott Baker is a one of a kind performer, and it was a blast creating his website.
Truth Values Unexpected Theater
Will Pomerantz is an amazing director... who also happens to be a friend of mine for over 35 years. Check out his "Photos" page to
see a scrapbook of his shows.
Gioia De Cari wrote a great one woman show called Truth Values
that's getting bookings all around the country.
Stacey Luftig Playwright and Musical Theater Writer Barbara Chiminello
Stacey Luftig is not only a playwright, but she also writes great lyrics.
I was so excited to see a semi-staged reading of a project
she's been working on called My Heart is the Drum.
Barbara Chiminello is a wonderful painter.
Flora Culture Design Stein Ott LLP
Andi Steloff creates unique and gorgeous designs with flora and flowers! Stein Ott is a law firm that specializes in Family Law.
Ask for Lara Ott.
Adam Szymkowicz Ann Talman
Adam Szymkowicz is a much produced and talented playwright. Ann Talman is an actress with a new exciting solo show called Woody's Order. She once played Elizabeth Taylor's daughter on Broadway!
Stealth Pictures Premieres NYC
Stealth Pictures handles all kinds of cool properties.
Premieres NYC creates new musical theatre in the form of sung monologues, bringing wonderful artists together -- lyricists, composers, designers, etc.
Jenny Lee Mitchell Fire the Play
Jenny Lee Mitchell is a wonderful actress and musician with
a taste for the avante garde.
Fire the play is a fascinating new play by Debra Whitfield.
It received an Off Broadway production in New York City.
Home of the Great Pecan New Warrior Fitness
Home of the Great Pecan is a play (a Texas comedy) written by yours truly.
It can be performed by 4 actors or as many as 18 actors.
Perfect play for high schools and colleges.
Mark Jackson is a personal trainer. This was a fun project, as you'll see.
Lisa Peart actor Ryan Andes actor
Lisa is not just a great actor, but she's also my buddy. Ryan Andes is a great actor with a growing number of cool clips on his media page. He also happens to be related to a well-known classic actor.
It Must Be Him the play Debra Whitfield actor and director
The play, It Must Be Him, ran Off-Broaway. Kenny Solms co-created
and wrote for the legendary Carol Burnett Show.
Debra Whitfield is a talented Actor AND director.
Images for Innovation Gia Forakis Theater Artist
Images for Innovation is a great resource for artists. If you need
production shots taken for your theatrical endeavor, call on Lee Wexler.
Gia Forakis is a talented theater director, and she has developed
her own unique acting method.